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Welcome to Orkney Stays! 🙂


Our story began 10 years ago, where our founding partners frequently travelled away for work, and on one of the trips were told that no hotels were available. The company then desperately tried to find an alternative accommodation and managed to arrange overnight accommodation in a flat, which back then was rather more than unusual. The first thought was; we don’t want to be sharing a stranger’s bedroom, kitchen and bathroom but the opposite was true.


The accommodation was simply AMAZING and even better, it had its own large-size kitchen, 2 bedrooms, ample storage space, balcony with a great view, bathroom, dining table and allocated parking space. It felt like ‘home-away-from-home’, which is what kickstarted our journey and is our passion today. Creating best loved apartments for a short, -mid and -long term stays.


When offering our properties, we stick to a simple, yet effective formula the kept us right over the years:


Orkney Stays formula = great location + quality accommodation + unbeatable prices 🙂

We manually select each property and we ourselves stay in them to know what it feels like living in our own accommodation. For us providing serviced accommodation is as much business as it’s passion and obsession.

We hope our story will give you confidence in choosing us for your stay. Come on, give us Orkney Stays love and go ahead, we can’t wait to have you.

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